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There is a growing market for high-quality agricultural products in Europe. The trend towards a healthy and vegetarian diet is leading to an increasing demand for fresh fruit and vegetables from organic farming. This trend also continues in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector. Many of the European consumers prefer purely herbal medicines and cosmetics with natural ingredients. On the EU market, the current demand trends give Ecuador the opportunity to intensify its export trade with Europe. Numerous products from Ecuador have great export po-tential. These include in particular exotic fruits, dried fruits, herbs, spices and vegetable oils.


Due to its extreme stability and very low weight, balsa wood is particularly suitable for model building, but also for many other applications in which weight plays an important role. Bamboo and teak wood are ideal for manufacturing garden furniture, decking and panels and boards. However, the import of timber into the EU is strictly regulated. The EU Timber Trade Regula-tion (EUTR) requires importers to ensure that the timber products they place on the EU market come from legal sources. Moreover, sustainability and related certifications such as FSC are becoming more and more important for consumers. 


Hiking tours in the Andes, safaris in the Amazon jungle or expeditions to the Galapagos Is-lands – Ecuador offers attractive destinations. Many travelers from Europe would like to see tourist attractions that are attuned to the nature and culture of the host country. They want travel that is environmentally friendly and socially sustainable. Tour operators in Europe are therefore looking for tourism offers that take sustainability aspects into account. With sustaina-ble and innovative offers such as cultural and adventure tours, Ecuadorian tour operators can increase their presence on the European tourism market.  


IPD arranges contact between Ecuadorian exporters and interested importers in Europe. We support tour operators from Ecuador in promoting their sustainable tourism offers and link them with European tour operators.


Fresh fruit and vegetables: Exotic fruits (e.g. pineapple, granadilla, pitahaya (dragon fruit), maracuja, malanga, passion fruit, physalis, tamarillo), vegetables (broccoli, artichokes, fresh chili etc.), pulses such as beans, lentils, chickpea and fresh herbs like basil, coriander etc.

Natural ingredients for foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals:Dried fruit (pitahaya, physalis, pineapple, etc.), herbs and spices, nuts, grains and cereals, vegetable oils, medicinal and aromatic plants, plant extracts and essential oils, sweeteners (e.g. panela, yacon, stevia) and teas etc.

Technical wood: Balsa wood, bamboo, plantation teak

Sustainable tourism offers: Cultural and adventure travel, e.g. cultural experience trips in the Ecuadorean cloud forest, living amongst the indigenous population, or language trips with accommodation in the historic centre of Cuenca, individual travel offers to the natural landscapes in the Amazon region etc.



Trade fair in Paris // 02.04. - 04.04.2019
Trade fair in Paris // 02.04. - 04.04.2019

in-cosmetics 2019

On 2. April 2019 the in-cosmetics, the leading cosmetic trade fair, will open its doors in Paris. Around 800 exhibitors will be showcasing their new products to the European trade.

Find out more about innovative products from Tunisia, Colombia and Ethiopia.
Establish contacts with reliable producers!

IPD connects European importers with carefully selected suppliers. The companies present a wide range of high-quality ingredients. Many products are available in organic quality.

From Tunisia:

  • the high-quality prickly pear seed oil - extracted from the seeds of the prickly pear, the oil contains a high concentration of more than 80 percent of unsaturated fatty acids and a lot of vitamin E.
  • vegetable oils, such as almond and apricot kernel oil, as well as high-quality essential oils of rosemary, myrtle or eucalyptus.

From Colombia

  • the new Magdalena River Nut Oil, extracted from nuts growing along the Río Magdalena River. Due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, the native oil has excellent antioxidant and moisturizing properties. Clinical studies have also proven its anti-aging-effects.

From Ethiopa:

  • the cold-pressed black cumin oil - consisting of up to 60 percent linoleic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids. In addition, the oil has a high content of essential amino acids, vitamins of the B-complex as well as vitamins A, C, D and E.
  • essential oils of lemon grass, eucalyptus and rosemary

All suppliers have been pre-selected and carefully evaluated by IPD. Criteria such as product quality, export capability and capacity as well as compliance with international standards and certifications have been considered.

We connect you with reliable suppliers.
Take advantage of the in-cosmetics fair for individual meetings.

An overview of the companies and their products you finde here

We gladly arrange an appointment for you with exporters at the trade fair.

Contact us!

Kathrin Seelige

Trade fair in Amsterdam // 21.05 - 22.05.2019
Trade fair in Amsterdam // 21.05 - 22.05.2019

PMLA: World of Private Label

Discovering innovative products - establishing contacts - being inspired by new ideas

This is what the PLMA international trade fair "World of Private Labels" promises. More than 2,600 companies will be presenting their products at the fair - including fresh, frozen and refrigerated foods as well as non-food categories such as cosmetics, health and beauty.

For the first time, IPD will be establishing direct contact with selected exporters from the partner countries Ecuador, Indonesia and Tunisia.

Our reliable exporters will bring new, exotic products to the European market. For example, organic coconut products in organic quality from Indonesia, such as coconut flower sugar or syrup, superfoods from Ecuador or ingredients like aloe vera and the spirulina algae from Tunisia. The range of products is broad.
First information about the exporters and their products will be available here soon.

Benefit from our pre-selection of the companies!

All producers were carefully evaluated by the IPD.
Criteria such as product quality, export capability and capacity as well as compliance with international standards and certifications were taken into account.

We connect you with reliable suppliers.

We are happy to arrange appointments for you with our companies - individually selected and tailored to your requirements. Get in touch with us!

Nicky Buizer

Trade fair in Cologne // 01.09. - 03.09.2019
Trade fair in Cologne // 01.09. - 03.09.2019

spoga+gafa 2019

New timber producers from Ecuador and Colombia at spoga+gafa
Meet reliable suppliers of garden furniture and floor coverings made of bamboo and teak!

This year IPD will be represented with its own booth at the international garden trade fair spoga+gafa. It will introduce carefully selected suppliers from Ecuador and Colombia to the EU market. These reliable producers will showcase their high-quality garden furniture and floor coverings made of bamboo and plantation teak. The timer is from sustainable forestry.

All suppliers have been pre-selected by IPD based on company visits, product quality, capability and capacity for export, as well as access to and use of legal timber from sustainable sources.

Get directly connected with our partner companies – we support you and will be happy to arrange individual b2b meetings.

Detailed information on the companies will be available here in August.

For more information or any further questions, please contact us:

Frank Maul

Trade fair in Paris // 03.12. - 05.12.2019
Trade fair in Paris // 03.12. - 05.12.2019

Food Ingredients Europe 2019

Benefit from FiE to make new business contacts.
Meet reliable suppliers.
Find out about innovative ingredients. 

At Europe's most important trade fair for natural ingredients, IPD will once again be presenting specialities from selected partner countries, including Egypt, Ethiopia, Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, or Tunisia.

Our exporters will bring a wide range of high-quality products to the trade fair. We will provide you with direct contact to these carefully selected suppliers.

All exporters have been visited and evaluated carefully by IPD. Criteria such as product quality, export capability and capacity as well as compliance with international standards and certifications have been considered.

We connect you with reliable suppliers.
Take advantage of the FiE fair for individual meetings.

Detailed information on the exporters and their products will be available here in October.

For further informationen please contact:

Kathrin Seelige


Bonn/Berlin // 29.01.2019

ITB 2019: A wide range of offers for sustainable tourism

The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) introduces Ecuador as a nature destination with potential

Bonn/Berlin, 29.01.2019 – Volcanic mountain landscapes, wide beaches, the original Amazon region with its indigenous peoples, the city of Cuenca, certified by “TourCert” as the first sustainable destination of Latin America, and the well-known Galapagos Islands – with its diverse travel destinations, Ecuador’s country pavilion surprises at ITB 2019. The Import Promotion Desk (IPD), the German partner for sustainable tourism, will be represented for the first time at the leading trade fair for international tourism industry, which takes place from the 6th to the 10th of march in Berlin. The IPD is expanding its activities to the tourism sector and supports tourism professionals from developing and emerging countries in presenting their travel offers on the EU market and linking up with tour operators.

Bonn/ Nuremberg // 22.01.2019
Bonn/ Nuremberg // 22.01.2019

BIOFACH 2019: Exotic herbs, spices and oils

Import Promotion Desk supports organic producers from developing and emerging countries

Bonn/Berlin, 22.01.2019 – Coriander and Sesame oil from Egypt, cinnamon and coconut oil from Indonesia, ginger and Jatamansi oil from Nepal – the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) brings a wide range of exotic herbs, spices and oils to BIOFACH 2019. Around 40 companies from 12 countries will showcase their diverse range of organic products at the world´s largest trade fair for organic food with the support of the German partner of im-port promotion, which takes place from 13 to 16 February in Nuremberg. The products include herbs, spices and teas, essential and cold-pressed oils. In addition, the exporters will be presenting the regional specialties in organic quality at the joint stand shared by the IPD with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (Stand 4 | 4-561) and at the respective national pavilions.

Berlin // 21.01.2019

Fruit Logistica 2019: Diversity of berries from Ethiopia

The Import Promotion Desk brings exporters from seven developing and emerging countries to the international trade fair for fruit and vegetables.

Bonn/Berlin, 21.01.2019 – Strawberries and blueberries are highlights at the country stand of Ethiopia (Stand 26 | F‐28) at this year's Fruit Logistica, which takes place from 6 to 8 February 2019 in Berlin. The exhibitors from Ethiopia bring a wide range of berries to the fair, including San Andreas, Sweet Ann and Montery Strawberries. Due to the climate conditions, berries in Ethiopia can be cultivated in Ethiopia all year round in high quality. Other products such as beans, physalis, prickly pears and sugar snap are also exhibited by the companies from the African hinterland at the Ethiopian Horticulture Producers Exporters Association (EHPEA) stand, organized with the support of the Import Promotion Desk (IPD). The German partner for import promotion also presents exporters from Egypt, Ecuador, Colombia, Mozambique, Peru and Tunisia and a wide range of regional products.

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