Popular in Europe: Products from an intact natural environment

Health awareness has been intensifying in Europe for decades. As a result, consumers are becoming ever more critical and demanding when they purchase food and other everyday products. What these consumers want are natural goods with a minimum of artificial ingredients harvested from an intact natural environment.

In demand in Europe: Your natural ingredients 

Kyrgyzstan offers all this in abundance. The Central Asian country boasts a well-established farming industry and optimum conditions for cultivating a variety of the natural, high-quality ingredients so sought-after in Europe. Demand is particularly high in the food and cosmetics industries.

We’ll help bring your products “directly” to Europe

This is why the IPD has selected Kyrgyzstan as one of its partner countries. Many Kyrgyz companies are barred direct access to the German market, mostly due to the lack of certification and product documentation. They are still obliged to sell through middlemen, mainly from Turkey, who refine the products and then export them on to the EU. 

This is what we at the IPD want to change. Our development policy goal is to provide Kyrgyz producers with the necessary expertise, contacts and conditions for direct export to Europe and thus also enable them to increase their added value by  processing food ingredients locally.


  • Natural ingredients for foods and cosmetics, including processed fruit, nuts, dried mushrooms and apricot kernel oil.



Bonn // 22.02.2016

BioFach: Organic walnuts from the jungle

The Import Promotion Desk (IPD), the import promotion service provider in Germany, presented organic walnuts  from Kyrgyzstan in Germany for the first time. The products presented at the BIOFACH trade fair in Nuremberg come from the largest natural walnut forest in the world. Due to the intensive insolation in the high-altitude forests the nuts have a richer taste than the Turkish walnuts usually available. The provider, the cooperative Bio Farmer, is Fairtrade and organicquality certified, i.e. uses neither fertiliser nor pesticides on their produce.

At the BIOFACH German importers were able to try out the nuts and convince themselves of their extraordinary characteristics. Of particular interest were the so-called butterflies – undamaged walnut halves that are, for instance, used for nut mixes. German chocolate manufacturers, too, were impressed by the taste and quality of the Kyrgyz walnuts. „With this kind of structured import promotion the IPD wants to facilitate access to the German market especially for sustainably producing suppliers“, says Dr. Julia Hoffmann, head of the IPD.

In addition to the walnuts from Kyrgyzstan the IPD showcased exhibitors of prickly pear seed oil from Tunisia, coconut sugar from Indonesia, essential oils, herbs and tea from Nepal, honey from Ethiopia and superfood powders made from quinoa, chia and maca from Peru.

Bonn/Cologne // 12.09.2017

Anuga 2017: Fresh impulses from emerging markets and developing countries

Import Promotion Desk brings a broad range of specialities to Anuga

Bonn, 12.09.2017 – At Anuga, the world’s largest food industry exhibition, to be held in Cologne from 7 to 11 October 2017, the Import Promotion Desk (IPD) will be attending with 18 producers from 7 countries. Exporters from Ethiopia, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, Columbia, Indonesia and Peru will be supported by the IPD in presenting their products at the exhibition. The companies offer high quality natural ingredients from their regions.


Trade Fair in Nuremberg // 14. – 17.02.2018
Trade Fair in Nuremberg // 14. – 17.02.2018

Biofach 2018

The world´s leading trade fair for organic food

The organic trade meets at the organic exhibition in Nuremberg from 14 - 17 February 2018. Exhibitors from the national and international organic sector are expected at BIOFACH 2018. The perfect opportunity for visiting professionals to meet organic producers from the organic market and be inspired by the sector’s latest trends.

In 2018, exporters carefully selected by the IPD from Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia, Indonesia, Nepal, Ethiopia and Peru will present their products to the European market.

All these exporters of the IPD programme are well prepared by the IPD. They are equipped with the required certificates for the European market and are familiar with the demands of the German trade sector.
Immediately before and during the fair the IPD will offer practical support for the exhibition, including e.g. compilation of current market information, guidance on stand decoration, sales training for successful communication with potential customers.
Through targeted matchmaking, the IPD will network these exporters with the right importers in the EU, arranging initial contacts before the fair, organizing and accompanying b2b meetings during the exhibition and supporting the follow-up after the fair is over.

Detailed information about the exporters and their product range will be available here.

Are you an exporter based in one of our partner countries? And would you like to exhibit your products at BIOFACH? To enter the selection process, please contact us.

Angie Martinez

Workshop in Nuremberg // 14. – 17.02.2018
Workshop in Nuremberg // 14. – 17.02.2018

Sales Training at Biofach 2018

Achieve new contacts to potential buyers in the EU
Make your sales talks effective and successful
Generate sustainable profits.

These are the goals of face-to-face contact at an international trade fair like BIOFACH in Nuremberg/Germany.
But how to negotiate with European buyers? How to present your products attractively in a short time? How to master difficult dialogues? What are the business practices concerning communication, understanding of time, social manners, and negotiation strategies?

In order to be prepared for these issues, the IPD organises a sales training over three days for exporters participating in the IPD programme.
This specialized training provides you with the skills, concepts and methods that will help you influence the decisions of your counterparts and enhance the prospects of your trade fair participation. The IPD experts will equip you with tools and techniques to present your products to European buyers in a way that they are familiar with – so that intercultural differences will not have  a negative influence on your business talks.

During BIOFACH, the exporters can put their newly acquired skills into practice. For this, IPD experts accompany pre-arranged meetings with potential European buyers and give direct feedback. With this preparation, business with German and European importers runs smoothly and without any trouble.

Are you an exporter based in one of our partner countries? And would you like to participate in the IPD programme? To enter the selection process, please contact us.

Judith Emmerling (Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia)
Angie Martinez (Colombia, Nepal, Peru)
Kathrin Seelige (Kyrgyzstan, Tunisia)

Product Fact Sheets

Product Fact Sheet

Asphaltum / Shilajit / Stone Oil

More and more European consumers are interested in non-Western health solutions. Those of an Ayurvedic tradition are often used in conjunction with wider lifestyle choices, encompassing nutrition, exercise and meditation, but products such as shilajit are also used in food supplements outside of this tradition. Cosmetics with shilajit are also marketed in Germany. The German market is less developed than the UK and especially Eastern European markets but does offer opportunities. German market entry can also take place through manufacturers in these other markets.

Product Fact Sheet
Product Fact Sheet

Dried Apricots in Germany

Consumption of dried fruit in Germany is about 0.75 kg per capita per annum. This equates to a market volume approaching 40,000 tonnes, worth over S 210 million. Dried apricots account for close to 20% of this large market. The market is driven by the consumption of snacks, underpinned by the growing demand for natural food with no flavourings. Further stimulus comes from innovation in the market, new packaging formats, recipes featuring dried apricots and new products featuring dried apricots in food sectors such as confectionery and bakery. Turkey is the leading supplier, but other exporters from Central Asia are increasingly finding opportunities.

Product Fact Sheet
Product Fact Sheet

Walnut Oil in Germany

Walnut oil is a popular edible oil for a certain number of consumer types who like to cook, and who prefer the distinctive flavour of walnut. Although Germany produces its own walnut oil, it also needs to import to meet demand. This niche product will appeal to those DC exporters who can manufacture to a high quality and meet the market specifications. There are a number of specialist importers who would be interested in facilitating the supply of quality walnut oil from unfamiliar sources.

Product Fact Sheet
Product Fact Sheet

Walnuts in Germany

German walnut consumption has been increasing, as consumers appreciate the many health benefits that exist with this popular tree nut, although there is some evidence that higher prices are impacting on sales levels. Germany has its own walnut production but well over half the market is supplied by imports, and Germany is in fact the world's leading importer. Global production is dominated by the USA and China but significant opportunities exist for importers who are able to supply the market with products of the quality demanded by the trade and consumers. There is some seasonality, particularly for the Christmas period, but demand is fairly consistent throughout the year.

Success Stories

Success Story

Sustainable and aromatic: Organic walnuts from Kyrgyzstan


The Kyrgyz export company Vega Plus has made the leap into the European market. In February 2017 the  company exhibited at the BIOFACH Exhibition in Nuremberg and introduced its sustainable farming products to the international specialists at the event. The Import Promotion Desk (IPD) prepared Vega Plus intensely for the trade fair and also supported the company through the “last mile” with match-making. The success of the exhibition was quickly followed by the first business deal with Swiss importer Tinibaev Waldgeschenke KlG.

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